Summer Loving Collection HANDCRAFTED SOAP

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Summer Loving + Skin Loving...Create the perfect vibrant display of luxe, skin loving and summer vibing soaps. This collection is full of our all-time best summer sellers!  They are fabulous and create the most emollient bubbles to soak up and glow. Plus, the perfect level of skin loving oils to cleanse and moisturize. 48 soap bars in this collection! This is a next level glow collection, with so many skins glowing ingredients.

6-Lemon Poppy - SOLD OUT 

6-Peach Poppy


6-Southern Belle

6-Strawberry Champagne


6-Midnight Hibiscus

6-Coconut Milk

Recipe: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, mica and essential/fragrance and additives

We handcraft our soaps using the slow cold process method, which means no external heat is used so the natural ingredients are preserved for you as much as possible. 

Lot includes 6 unwrapped stamped bars at $5/ea. of each fragrance (48 Bars) White packaging and labels are included.

MSRP $10.00 per bar